Making Donations to the Million Dollar Umoja Journey

Buikwe_StudentsWhether you are planning to participate in an upcoming Umoja adventure or you prefer to support social justice issues from home, the Million Dollar Umoja Journey invites you to make either a one-time gift or a recurring monthly donation to any of the social justice or sustainable development projects we sponsor in various countries around the world.

Support Social Justice and Sustainability

When you give to Umoja you are providing essentials such as food, health care and education to children and families in need and helping to support community development initiatives such as providing sources of clean water, empowering women through life skills training and rehabilitating children from the effects of drugs and crime.

Win-Win-Win Marketing Relationships

Umoja also invites corporate partnerships through cause sponsorship, cause marketing, donation facilitation, donation matching corporate social responsibility projects and a variety of other mechanisms for supporting social change.
As a supporter of the Million Dollar Umoja Journey you may stay abreast of new developments in the community or project you choose to support by subscribing to our Umoja Updates, our related newsletters or blogs. You may even arrange to pay a personal visit to the project of your choice.


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