Lydia Vocational Training Centre

The Problem

Wedged between the high wall of the Himalayas and the steamy jungles of the Indian plains, Nepal is a land of snow peaks and sherpas, monasteries and mantras. The mountainous north of Nepal has eight of the world’s tallest mountains, including the highest point on earth, Mount Everest. Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, ranking 157th on the United Nation’s Human Development Index. Women and girls face significant discrimination in Nepal. It is very common for them to work harder than men and often in physically demanding jobs. Many girls are not allowed to attend school or finish their education. Child marriages are still widespread and the girls, often married to much older men, have no chance to create a future of their own.

The Project

International Needs has been active in Nepal since 1974 with a focus on the well-being of women and children. The Lydia Vocational Training Centre has ministered to thousands of women over the years and teaches literacy, sewing, and other practical skills so that women can better provide for themselves and their families. They also learn preventative health care, first aid, how to improve sanitation in the home and how to provide nutritious food for their children. One of the most innovative elements of the Lydia Centre is that each graduate is trained to teach other women and commits to share her knowledge with at least five others in her community, multiplying the impact of the Centre.


Consider sponsoring a child in Nepal.  


Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Your support of the Lydia Vocational Training Centre helps to equip women with the tools and skills they need to earn an income and gain status in their communities.
  • Under the Women’s Empowerment Program, 44 women each year go through the 5 months skills training and development program.
  • The school has taken the initiative to expand the program to include a variety of classes such as cooking, music, and awareness on matters such as domestic violence, HIV/AIDS, and health.
  • The students receive Christian education in order to grow spiritually.
  • Each graduate receives her own sewing machine.

Sangita lives in one the most remote regions of Nepal, and travelled for three days to get to the Lydia Centre. In tears, she poured out an all too familiar story: married off at fifteen, Sangita soon discovered she was pregnant but miscarried during her seventh month. Her mother-in-law accused her of killing the baby and began to beat her and withhold food and care from her. Life very quickly became unbearable. Sangita’s 18 year old husband wanted to help her and brought her to the Lydia Vocational Centre. The staff quickly realized that Sangita was very bright and made arrangements to enroll her in their five month sewing program. Since joining the program, there has been a tremendous change in Sangita’s life. Every day she has a smile on her face and she sees everything as a blessing. She eats healthy food and is learning a trade that will help her to provide for herself. She is also learning about the love of God.

“I feel so fortunate to be at Lydia. I’ve learned so much more than how to sew and this will help me for the rest of my life. My future looks a lot brighter.” Sangita

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