Kenya – Income Generating Goat Project

The Problem

Limuru is an agricultural town 40 km northwest of Nairobi, widely known throughout Kenya for its production of high-quality teas. Sadly, a large percentage of Limuru’s youth abuse drugs and alcohol. Users commonly say that they drink or use drugs because it helps pass the time.

Unemployment is a major challenge that affects youth in Limuru and across Kenya, with 80% of unemployed Kenyans under the age of 35.

Kenya’s agricultural sector has the capacity to absorb many of the unemployed youth in Kenya, providing employment for them and food security for the country. However, a lack of knowledge and expertise limits many young people from working in the agricultural sector.

The Project

International Needs, in partnership with Lighthouse Outreaches, has been ministering to Limuru’s youth through drug rehabilitation programs and sponsorship. Once young people graduate from school, many have expressed an interest in agriculture. International Needs’ Income Generating Goat Project intends to train youth to raise animals, handle milk products and meat, and sell the products at the markets.

The government will be involved as an inspection agency and veterinary doctors will ensure that the animals are healthy. Product sales will fund the training program and help set up youth in business once their training is complete.

The community in Limuru whose children have been sponsored have long yearned to see their youth involved in productive activities instead of spending their time doing drugs or drinking illicit brew. The community is fully behind this project.” Jocelyn Muraya, International Needs Kenya


The total cost of this 3-year program is $39,000.

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Your support will allow youth to be trained in agribusiness skills and live more independent, productive lives.
  • The building used for training will be adapted and supplied with all the necessary tools and equipment for raising goats, preparing goat milk products and meat.
  • Goats will be purchased and pens will be built by the youth and community who will bene t from the project.
  • A course outline has been developed according to government standards.
  • Goats are excellent for income generation. They are practical animals and flourish in harsh climates while producing valuable manure to fertilize crops and vegetable gardens.
  • A course outline has been developed according to government standards.

“Goat farming has given me the income I needed to live an independent life with no more hunger. Now I can provide for my family.” — Noor

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