Guatemala – Midwife Training Program

The Problem

For centuries, Guatemalans have relied on midwives to assist mothers during pregnancy and childbirth; today, midwives still attend 90% of all rural births. However, many of these midwives receive only basic training, with little to no preparation for high-risk pregnancies, and many preventable deaths take place every year. Guatemala has one of the highest rates for child and maternal mortality in Latin America, especially among the rural, indigenous Mayan population.


The Project

The midwife training program is being launched by UNAPER, our Guatemalan partner. Their team consists of highly skilled volunteer physicians who specialize in neo- and perinatal care. The program brings the experienced doctors from Guatemala City to the district of Chimaltenango to teach and equip rural midwives. The primary objective is to reduce preventable maternal and child mortality by training midwives to recognize and handle high-risk pregnancies and deliveries.


The total cost of the program is $90,000 a year.

Your Gift Makes a Big Difference!

  • Save the lives of mothers and babies who are dying needlessly.
  • Provide midwives with education and training to recognize the factors that lead to fatal complications.
  • Give indigenous people better access to health services.
  • Break down the cultural myths and barriers that prevent rural people from seeking professional health services.
  • Improve nutrition for mothers, babies, and children.

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