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Written in collaboration with Colleen Cole, this book is about discovering and living out your purpose. Following the death of her husband Bill, Colleen thought her adventures were over. After two years, she stepped out of her self-imposed seclusion, and on the same day met David, who challenged her to join him on a 31-day adventure through East and Central Africa. It was an adventure with purpose, where she experienced the majesty of Africa intermingled with abject poverty and chronic injustice. It was these things that spurred Colleen forward on her internal journey and created a desire for Umoja within her.

Beyond Charity

Why is marketing such an overwhelming concept, and why is it so difficult to find effective marketing ideas? David believes corporate citizenship is more than just making philanthropic donations. He promotes a deep cause marketing engagement between profit and not-for-profit organizations. In Beyond Charity, you’ll learn how to align your business with a social cause, strengthen your company brand, and make a significant difference in the world.

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