The translation for Dr. Rolando Cerezo’s video is the following:

As Dr. Rolando Cerezo said in his video: “One says 14 mothers die for every 10,000 or 100,000 children. Is that a lot? Is it little? It is TOO MUCH! No mother – ever – should die because of labour. And when we say 15 children die per 1000 born alive, that’s also TOO MUCH. There are countries where none die, or 2 out of 1000, 1 out of 1000. And here (in Guatemala) still 35, 40, 50 out of 1000 children are dying. These statistics in this era are horrifying, they are way too high. We must do something to change them, and that is what this group is doing.”Una expedición de apoyo social

The newspaper El Periódico published an article, but the link isn’t available anymore. I’m sending you a pic from my phone. This is the text for that article:

An Expedition of Social Support

The Umoja journey is a multi-continent expedition, combining the adventure with cause. Along the journey the tour visits places of astounding beauty while at the same time collaborating with a number of different social projects. The participant inward journey is from success to significance

David Marshall, executive director of International Needs Canada, and creator of the Umoja concept along with business woman Colleen H. Cole, recently launched their book Umoja: A Journey from Success to Significance, where they tell about the experience, not only in the communities that have benefited, but the impact on the lives of the adventurers.

The expedition will be in Guatemala this month, to meet with the board members of Asociación Pro Salud Perinatal (the Association for Perinatal Health), to collaborate in reducing maternal, fetal and neonatal mortality in the country.