Our Six Pillars of Sustainable Development

Pillar 4: Growing Change

Why it matters

A sustainable supply of nutritious food directly impacts health and education. All over the world, junk food has become more convenient and affordable than healthy food. In developing countries, people have started opting for chips and soda, because they don’t understand the importance of a balanced diet. As a result, malnutrition has become a serious issue, even in communities where fresh food is available.

Our focus

“Growing Change,” is an agricultural program that increases food security for communities around the world. Most of our community partners don’t need us to teach them how to grow; they’ve been farming their local crops and animals for years. Our goal is to teach the business of farming and advanced techniques that make better use of their resources and generate income.

Our partners

We invite agricultural experts to share their knowledge and help develop long-term sustainable agricultural programs.

Program Sponsor: Alice Klamer, Blue Sky Nursery


Our Six Pillars of Sustainable Development

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Growing Change
Building Futures