Colleen Cole, co-author of the upcoming Umoja: A Journey from Success to Significance, Returns to CUTV News Radio

“It’s about discovering how you can make an impact beyond your own life to change lives and transform communities.”
—Colleen Cole

In Swahili, the word “Umoja” means to build unity and harmony within families, communities, nations and the world. But the journey for umoja can also be an internal journey of discovering who you are, understanding your value, finding your purpose, and living with passion to experience peace and satisfaction.

Colleen Cole is an international speaker, humanitarian and the co-author of the upcoming book Umoja: A Journey from Success to Significance.

After her husband Bill’s death in 2009, Colleen became heavily involved with International Needs, an Ontario-based Christian charity that operates in 30 countries. The book’s story recounts her first trip to Africa and her first trip without her husband. On the other side of the planet, separated from everything holding her back, Colleen found the beginning of healing from grief and a whole new vision for her future.

“When Bill died I was alone for the first time in my life. It felt like a book had closed,” recalls Colleen. “So when I was offered an opportunity to go to Africa, I knew I had to make changes and I couldn’t be afraid to step out and do what I was called to do. That was the beginning of the biggest change in my life.”

Traveling 6,000 miles through five African countries in 32 days, Colleen and her teammates provided business counselling and capacity building to help these African communities build sustainable projects.

But what began as an African safari soon became a journey of transformation.

“Our role was to build “umoja,” that unity and togetherness, but the real umoja happened within my own self,” recalls Colleen. “The trip showed me what I was made of. It helped build my confidence and it showed me that humanitarian, developmental work is what I have a passion for. My eyes were opened to things I’d never seen before.”

True to her vision of a life of adventure with purpose, Colleen will soon launch an Umoja Journey, crossing six continents to raise $1 million for women’s projects in developing nations.

“When my husband died, I could not see a future,” says Colleen. “Now I have a whole new outlook. If I can do it other women can too. It’s about discovering how you can make an impact beyond your own life to change lives and transform communities.”

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