Our Six Pillars of Sustainable Development

Pillar 5: Building Futures

Why it matters

In some of the communities we serve, there are no schools, which means the children must walk hours to attend the closest school. In other villages, there are no health facilities, which means lengthy travel for pregnant mothers, the elderly, and other sick people. Without locations in the community for basic human needs, the futures of the people are at risk.

Our focus

“Building Futures” is a program that constructs buildings to provide essential services, leading to brighter futures for the people passing through these places. The focus is on safe schools, hospitals, drop-in centres, orphanages, etc.

Our partners

The Building Futures program works with engineers, contractors, real estate agents, and other professionals involved in the design, construction and sale of safe, effective buildings.

Program sponsor: Horst Thiel, TDS Industrial Services, Ltd.


Our Six Pillars of Sustainable Development

ACCESS to Education

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Building Futures